Voices Magazine is a quarterly publication representing this age of multicultural awareness. It showcases the fascinating backgrounds of people of African Heritage who make up part of today’s diverse community. This innovative magazine offers an insight into the challenges and rewards of a cross-cultural community, fascinating in its way. It seeks to empower people of African Heritage by lifting their narrative and provides resources, essays, interviews and much more drawn from a wealth of experiences and professional contributors.
Voices magazine is for the culturally aware consumer seeking to understand the lifestyle and interests of people of African Heritage. Its premium quality attracts individuals, new establishments, and established brands, focusing on cutting-edge topics on fashion, Health and well-being, Politics, Foods, and Lifestyle of people of African Heritage.
The Voices magazine reader is curious, educated, stylish, and has a penchant for a sophisticated lifestyle. The publication comes in print and electronic versions. It is distributed to subscribers using today’s digital methods – Online subscription, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iPhone, iPad, PDF downloads, Epud, Newsstands, and Direct mail orders.

Voices Management Team

Celestina Waindim, Founder
Charles Dwamina, President & CEO
Victorine Ambe-Dwamina CFO
Wayne Doe, VP Administration