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$5.99:Voices Fall 2015 Edition features Alexander Cummings, EVP and CAO of Coca-Cola USA, Discusses issues with Wayne D. Doe, Voices Contributing writer and business consultant.

$5.99:Voices Summer 2015 Edition features Hilda Mauya, Fashion Design, Dehil Republic of Couture, Images from the 2015 VM Awards Fashion Show. A must read!

June Cover

$5.99:Voices Summer 2014 Edition features Rosemond Owens, President, Board of Directors Books For Africa, shares her successes… A must read!

Winter 2013a

$5.99:Voices Winter 2013 Edition features Charlene Dunbar, a Liberian Fashion Designer and Winner of Beik Southern Design Showcase. A must read!

Spring 2014a

$5.99:Voices Spring 2014 Edition features Robert Tamukong, President MINCAM, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and a community leader.

Spring 2012


$5.99:Voices Spring 2012 Edition features Jewel Thompson, Miss Ghana Georgia, 2006, a Law Student and a community leader.

June Cover1

$5.99:Voices Fall 2014 Edition features Dominic Nzara, CEO if Dominic Tax Services, Sits with Wayne Doe.

Spring Coverweb1

$5.99:Voices Spring 2016 Edition features Eunice Adjei. Eunice sits down with Linda Freemon, Voices Magazine Contributing writer. A must read!

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