Eunice Adjei

Ms. Eunice Adjei-Bosompem, a soft spoken, humble, yet inspiring young woman was only 25 when she first arrived to the USA from Ghana in 2005. She came to the USA to achieve success through schooling. Just like many immigrants, Eunice’s goal of moving was to live the American dream and attain academic laurels. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from St. Cloud State University.

Eunice has won many accolades, from international to local recognitions and she owns her own consulting company. As the founder and CEO of Adom Consulting LLC, she contracts with local school districts, businesses and organizations in St. Cloud. Eunice also creates multicultural competent programs and offers curriculum development, trainings and consultation. Eunice is one of St. Cloud’s most active and involved citizens. She is a community leader who works as the administrator for the city’s Create CommUNITY, a diversity initiative where the goal is to dismantle racism through systemic change.

Despite her success story and formal educational background, living in a country that was relatively different from her homeland country Ghana, West Africa, posed a continuous relentless challenge. She says, “I experienced my own cultural shock. I grew up in a collectivistic and communal society where the group norm was emphasized. Here in the USA, the culture is individualistic and you have to learn to navigate services by yourself. Ghana uses the British system of governance and education. I had to learn how to adapt to the American style of writing and education. The brutal winters were challenging as I grew up in a tropical country.” Read More in the Spring edition of Voices… Coming Soon!

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