Twin Cities Best Ethnic Restaurants

The Best Places to Eat Ethnic Cuisine in the Twin Cities: By Nagat Blessed


Nagat Jah Blessed, Contributing Writer

Are you tired of being in the house all winter ordering pizza, eating the same food over and over again, or picking up the regular fast food meal? We have news for you! Get out and explore the eth- nic side of the Twin Cities, you will be surprised to learn that they are booming with diverse, exciting ethnic cuisine. Even though it has been very cold recently, Voices Magazine braved the extreme weather condi- tions to select exclusively for you, the top ethnic restaurants in the Twin Cities.We started by visiting Hilaal Restau- rant, a Somalian restaurant located at 1819 Nicollet Ave S in Minneapo- lis. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ali, a Somalian Immigrant who decided to go for business for himself and open his own Somalian restaurant in 2008, owns the restau- rant. Hilaal serves Somalian dishes such as Malwah, which is goat meat served with rice, Mash (a Somalian snack), Somali cake, and several delicious ethnic dishes, intended to appeal to a Somali demographic. They also serve spaghetti and fish, beef sandwich, chicken wrap, and chicken stew. I recommend a plate of their rice with fish, chicken, salad and a bowel of hearty chicken soup with potatoes. You can order all of that for about $10. Hilaal is open from nine in the morning until 11pm, which is very convenient for those wholive in the area.



Dillia Restaurant

Next stop is Dilla, an Ethiopian restaurant located at 1813 Riverside Ave in Minneapolis, Beko Tufa is the owner and they have been opened for about a year and half. Neverthe- less, you would not be able to tell old without asking. Dilla was voted the best small business of the year in 2013 in the Twin Cities. The restaurant screams Ethiopian culture from the moment you walk in. As soon as you go through the entrance door, you will notice the beautiful bon setting of Ethiopian coffee tables, which symbolizes the market town

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