Discover The Magic Ingredient for Success!

Discover The Magic Ingredient for Success! By Michael K-Poh

Zig Ziglar’s statement is an apt description of America and the opportunities it represents to Americans and in particular, immigrants. This is the ‘pull’ factor, which attracts millions of people from all parts of the world to that magical country, the United States of America. Immigrants immerse themselves in the boundless opportunities available and get to work to create and build their part of the ‘American Dream.’

The majority of first time immigrants from West Africa often enter the retail and health sectors, working in stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot and other big box department stores. Others train to become nurses. Immigrants from Latin America gravitate towards the construction and landscape industry; they also open stores to cater to the needs of other Latinos. In time immigrants, whether from Latin America or Africa, move up from these initial occupations and build successful lives for themselves and their families. A few brave souls make a decision from the onset to strive for the highest strata on the economic, socio-political ladder. Overall, immigrants find that their lives are much better than what pertained in their countries of origin, primarily because of the existing opportunities described so eloquently by Mr. Ziglar in the opening paragraph of this piece. However, a key factor, which enables immigrants to transform their lives, is the effort they exert to take advantage of those opportunities.

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